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Our Story

My name is Terry Johnston. I began my career in 2017 and found enjoyment in the work. It was an unfortunate truth to find some of my colleagues within the industry struggle to communicate, be transparent in the bills and show up on time.

This is both a professional and creative outlet for me because I get to help others enhance their home, offices, and more. 

The one thing you need to know about us is we do not subcontract. Terry – that’s me, comes to each and every job to ensure the work is both quality and consistent.

We want to do it right the first time. Therefore speed is not our value driver. It’s all about the relationships and the quality we give to our customers.


Our Services


When it comes to cabinets we take our time.
We remove the doors and the drawers and head back to our shop.

An intense cleaning process with alcohol based primer, sand, wipe down with a tack cloth to remove any lingering dust and top coat with a water based urethane. 

Doors & Trim

With trim and doors you will find a similar process as our cabinets. If you have a large garage we can utilize this area to spray.

* Transport to the shop would be an added fee.
If you do not have an area to spray we can roll the doors which look beautiful as well. 

Precision and experience is needed when it comes to any project that revolves around trim only. 

LVP Flooring

LVP is one of the easier floors to install and one of the more durable ones. Great for pets, big families, and the like.
This flooring endures heavy traffic areas, which works well for all rooms in your home, even the basement.

If you have a large office or many, we work with corporate clients as well!
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Interior Painting

We begin by washing and wiping down all the walls, especially those with heavily trafficked areas.
All dents, holes and the like are filled and sanded during prep. 

A perfect cut and a minimum of two coats is applied. If you are seeking at add a more vibrant color to your space, expect a third coat.


If you indeed wish for your cabinets to be sprayed as well, we can custom quote for added protection and prep.

We apply any small ceiling repairs but tend to avoid large texture repairs and will refer you to a drywall specialist.

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.